sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Day 02 - All I know is if you ask me one more go, I would give you five

Day 02 – Your first love
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I fell in love for a very first time when was my first day at third grade. Tiny, blond boy with a tantalizing smile and loud voice came into our class room and from the first moment I was sold. On/off cat-and-mouse-game last seven years before we realized there would never gonna be nothing more than an old habit to like each other. I think every love is in a some way first love. Special, cute, scary, difficult and exciting. One always learn something about another and when it some day ends you finally realize how much it ment - if it really ment anything. When I think back I have had many crushs, few heart-stopping persons, heartaches and one true love in my life.  Hopefully he'll stand next to me
Listen: Over the wall - Gimme five 

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  1. I had also a lot of real crushes, but the first love is still in my heart :) and even I know we´ll never get together (& that´s definitly fine & not what I want anymore) I´m still nervous when we meet :)

  2. I kind of know that awkward feeling when one meets somebody who had been a big part of the certain lifeperiod. It never disappears :D


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